Configuration of HTTPS / SSL on 6.8.5 without clustering

Hi I am trying to configure SSL on Elastic Search. The Elastic Search Server is running as standalone , no nodes / cluster created.

My intention is simple : to secure the communication from Elastic Search to Client ( Jest ).

I configured the xpack successfully ( authentication tested ) , however got stuck in impelementing the HTTPS after following these steps in this URL :

From what I understand, the URL above is the tutorial to secure the communication between nodes or from ES to Kibana/Logstash, however I don't need Kibana/Logtash, and since my ES works as standalone, I assume I don't need nodes? However by configuring and ignoring all nodes configuration, my ES can't start properly :slight_smile:

In above error log it seems I need, but this is belong to the node1, which again, I don't need?

Any idea/tutorial on how to configure it without any Elastic Search cluster? Any help is greatly appreciated.

Current configuration :
# Set a custom port for HTTP:
http.port: 9203
transport.tcp.port: 9303 localhost
processors: 8
        queue_size: 350 true true true certs/ca.crt : certs/ca.crt ["MY-Cluster"]

From the documentation:

Any time that you start an instance of Elasticsearch, you are starting a node . A collection of connected nodes is called a cluster. If you are running a single node of Elasticsearch, then you have a cluster of one node.

You'll have to create a valid certificate and its key for each Elasticsearch node, and configure the node to use them. Also see the more detailed documentation on setting up TLS for Elasticsearch.

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