Configuration of Kibana running in Docker


we're running Kibana as a Docker-container and can configure some options with environment-variables, but not all.

These see to work just fine:

"ELASTICSEARCH_HOSTS": "http://xxxxxxx:9200",
"LOGGING_DEST": "stdout",
"LOGGING_JSON": "true",
"SERVER_NAME": "kibana-1",
"SERVER_PORT": "8080",

But apparently these aren't changing anything in the running container:

"KIBANA_DEFAULTROUTE": "/app/discover",
"XPACK_ML_ENABLED": "false",

^ formatting/style copied from our Nomad-Job.

The main goal was to disable the not-needed menu-items like "Observability", "Security", "Enterprise Search".

Used Kibana version is 7.12.1. Official Elastic Docker-image

On a different Kibana instance, deployed as a Debian-package, the configuration in the kibana.yml (using the different notation) is working fine.

Is there still some sort of limited list of allowed ENV-variables for Kibana or is some undocumented prefix missing?
Regarding naming / formatting of ENV-variable names I only found this: Install Kibana with Docker | Kibana Guide [7.13] | Elastic

What could be the issue for Kibana not picking up the configuration?

@ppuschmann could you provide more information around how are you setting those variables?

@jbudz looks like some of the variables reported as "not working" are already allowed at dockerfiles/kibana-docker at 7.12 · elastic/dockerfiles · GitHub. Do you have any other ideas around why those might not be working?

The variables are set in the env-stanza in a Nomad-Job.

The above snippets are the content of

"Env": {

(here in JSON-format)

Even some docker inspect <containerid> shows:

"Env": [

(plus some additional vars)

Was there any update so far?
I'd now try testing with (more) recent versions.

Apparently it is currently not possible to disable these menu-items globally in Kibana (as of 7.14.0):

The main goal was to disable the not-needed menu-items like "Observability", "Security", "Enterprise Search".

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