Kabana Environment Variables Not Getting Set

I'm working on getting kibana to work; however, the environment variables are not getting set, not sure what I'm missing or why they would not be set:

Here is the helm chart I'm working from: helm-charts/kibana at master · elastic/helm-charts · GitHub as the basis.

values.yaml file: changes
elasticsearchHosts: "http://logsearch-master:9200"

I did not change anything here, this just shows where it sets the env settings:
deployment.yaml file:

          {{- if .Values.elasticsearchURL }}
          - name: ELASTICSEARCH_URL
            value: "{{ .Values.elasticsearchURL }}"
          {{- else if .Values.elasticsearchHosts }}
          - name: ELASTICSEARCH_HOSTS
            value: "{{ .Values.elasticsearchHosts }}"
          {{- end }}
          - name: SERVER_HOST
            value: "{{ .Values.serverHost }}"

From the container looking at the kabana.yaml file it shows:

bash-4.4$ cat /opt/kibana/config/kibana.yml 

# Default Kibana configuration for docker target
server.name: kibana
server.host: "0"
elasticsearch.hosts: [ "http://elasticsearch:9200" ]
monitoring.ui.container.elasticsearch.enabled: truebash-4.4

Hey @cstewa20,

That file contains a default value, and Kibana should be picking up the value from the environment variable instead.

Can you also customize this in your values.yaml to turn on verbose logging?

# Allows you to add any config files in /usr/share/kibana/config/
# such as kibana.yml
  kibana.yml: |
      verbose: true

then, if you check the logs for the pod, you should see a lot more information.

I set up a chart with the same settings that you mentioned and turned on verbose logging. Here's what I see:

✗ kubectl logs kibana-kibana-5c57447df5-5zxsg | grep 'logsearch-master'
{"type":"log","@timestamp":"2021-05-13T18:02:51+00:00","tags":["debug","elasticsearch","query","data"],"pid":943,"message":"[ConnectionError]: getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND logsearch-master"}

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