Configure an index using a low level rest Client

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I am (re)writing an index creation app in java and struggling a little bit.

The existing app uses the TransportClient and I want to move to the High Level Rest Client (using the low level Rest Client to set it up). I want to create a new index and to do this I am following the migration documentation.

Starting with the sample code along these lines

			Settings indexSettings = Settings.builder() 
			        .put("index.number_of_shards", 1)
			        .put("index.number_of_replicas", 0)
			       .put("", "NewDevCluster")  //THIS SETTING FAILS!

			String payload = XContentFactory.jsonBuilder() 
			                            .field("type", "date")

			HttpEntity entityCreate = new NStringEntity(payload, ContentType.APPLICATION_JSON); 
			Response response = restClient.performRequest("PUT", "newIndex", emptyMap(), entityCreate); 


This does the basics that I want (although I haven't figured out how to point it to a new cluster yet - in the long term I'm not sure whether I want to do this anyway maybe a new index or an alias will suffice ...)

However I have a general settings file (along these lines)

"index" : {
"analysis" : {
"char_filter" : {
"gref_mapping" : {
"type" : "mapping",
"mappings" : ["/=>E"]
"analyzer" : {
"gref_char_filter" : {
"tokenizer" : "standard",
"char_filter" : ["gref_mapping"]

which are being loaded into the transport client like

>  String settingsSource=getSourceFromMappingFile("settings.json");
 CreateIndexResponse resp = client.admin().indices().create(new CreateIndexRequest(INDEX_NAME).settings(settingsSource)).actionGet();

and a set of large mapping files which are loaded like this


I'm struggling to move towards loading these using the restclients. Tbh I haven't tried very hard with the mapping files yet, and I can see how I could load them in a very long winded way but presumably there is a better way than creating an enourmous mapping section by loading 30 - 40 json documents into a XContentFactory.jsonBuilder ?) and I'm assuming there must be a way to load from file ?

Anyway what I'm asking is

  1. Is it definitely possible to load the settings and mapping files ?
  2. Can anyone point me in the right direction as to how I should do this

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Here is what I'm doing to create an index with settings (that I read previously from a file):

And same for add a mapping:

Though I think the later is useless as it's probably better to provide the mapping in the index creation call as at some point you will have only one type per index.

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That's great thanks I've been struggling with that for a day or more!

This is really helpful so no worries if you are too busy to answer but I'm interested by " at some point you will have only one type per index". In my current design I have 6 types in the index, is this a flawed design ?

( I need to revisit why I also have 20 odd mappings which are just sub-sets of one of the Types -I'm sure this is an inherited flaw which has just never been looked at since).

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In my current design I have 6 types in the index, is this a flawed design ?

Yes. From 6.0 you won't be able to create multiple type indices.

You can read that blog:

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Wow, that passed me by completely (tbh I only started looking at upgrading elasticSearch as an afterthought so I didn't do my research!). Many thanks, my side project has just increased in complexity by several magnitudes!

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For future reference if anyone finds it useful I bumped into this just now which adds a lot of flesh to the core documentation

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