Configure Elasticsearch high level client with JSON parser

Is it possible to configure Elasticsearch Java High Level REST Client with a JSON parser?

The specific problem I'm experiencing is the following: I'm sending big insert bulk requests to Elasticsearch and they are processed very slowly. The CPU at the Elasticsearch server does not seem to be doing much, whereas the Application server CPU is at 90% and I'm not doing anything on the application server side beside sending requests to ES.

I think the problem is caused by the JSON parsing, because for each huge bulk request I send, I get a huge bulk response which the application server receives as a JSON string and I receive in my code as a java object (BulkResponse), which means that the huge JSON string is parsed to java objects and that must consume a lot of CPU resources.

I don't know but why sending huge Bulk Requests?

Did you the bulk processor class? It's handy to keep the bulk request at a reasonable size.

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