Configure filebeat as listening acceptor, logstash as initiator

Hi all,

Is it possible to configure Filebeat to listen on a port and have Logstash connect to it, rather than the other way round?

In the configuration section of the docs, I can see Filebeat can be configured as an initiator:

  hosts: [""]

Leaving off the port just uses the default, this suggests that Filebeat must be the initiator and Logstash the acceptor.

I am asking due to some corporate policies, the server where Filebeat is running cannot initiate outbound connectivity to our Logstash server.

@alex_ this is not currently possible, Filebeat can only initiate a remote connection. This behavior is common because beats are usually installed on the edge machine with no port open and the collector (Logstash) cannot connect to them.

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OK - thanks for the information. I can rearchitect to ensure the logstash server is in a location where it can be accessed by filebeat.

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