Configure Kibana logging.quiet

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I'm trying to:

to be more precise:

[7.13.0] Deprecated in 7.13.0. This setting will be removed in Kibana 8.0.Instead, set the root logger level to error.
Set the value of this setting to true to suppress all logging output other than error messages. Default: false

yet even though "root" level is set to "error", I still seeing every {"type":"response",...

Please advise)
Thank you in advance!

Hi @alexus

I just put in the following and it stopped all logging except error.

logging.root.level : error

If this does not work for you Please share your kibana.yml in full / properly formatted.

Thank you for looking into my topic,

I'm using exactly same thing as you:

# grep LOGGING_ROOT_LEVEL docker-compose.override.yml
      LOGGING_ROOT_LEVEL: "error"

I do see less output, however still seeing these in logs:

# docker-compose logs --tail 1
Attaching to kibana
kibana | {"type":"response","@timestamp":"2022-07-26T16:45:28+00:00","tags":[],"pid":7,"method":"head","statusCode":200,"req":{"url":"/login","method":"head","headers":{"host":"localhost:5601","user-agent":"curl/7.68.0","accept":"*/*"},"remoteAddress":"","userAgent":"curl/7.68.0"},"res":{"statusCode":200,"responseTime":11,"contentLength":82972},"message":"HEAD /login 200 11ms - 81.0KB"}

Interesting I am seeing the same thing with docker compose... checking a bit internally
still seeing all the [INFO] logs

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@stephenb - just following up with you.. did you hear anything back?)

I did check but did not get anything yet but try this... worked for me saw this here

Seems to work for me tested with info and error worked as expected

    container_name: kib01
    environment: ['LOGGING_ROOT_LEVEL="error"', 'XPACK_APM_SERVICEMAPENABLED="true"', 'XPACK_ENCRYPTEDSAVEDOBJECTS_ENCRYPTIONKEY="d1a66dfd-c4d3-4a0a-8290-2abcb83ab3aa"']

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