Configure logstash 1.4.2 for raspberry pi to get file from remote machine


I am trying to configure logstash 1.4.2 in my raspberry pi to get file which is located in remote windows machine and in my logstash.conf I have changed the input path to the remote machine location and also shared the log file which is available in machine. So, does anyone know how can I get all those logs file from remote machine to my raspberry pi.


Install filebeat on your windows machine to ship the logs to logstash.

Hello @AquaX I don't want to install the filebeat on windows is there any other way to do that I just want to change the configuration file.

Share the folder on windows and then install the samba client on your raspberry pi and mount the folder as a directory. Then you can set logstash to monitor the mount.
Try that.

Yes I did that with mount but when I am running the mount script then raspberry pi crashes. That's why I am not going with that approach

Sounds like you have a problem with your rapsberry pi installation then. You should fix that.

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