Sending data to logstash from remote machine

i have logstash running on a different machine and want to read csv files from anothere mechine.

Is there a way to set the ip in file input of config file?

No, the file input only works for local files on the same machine that is running Logstash.

In your case you may use filebeat to read the file in the remote machine and send it to the logstash machine.

Hi Leandro,

what about this;

Hi @ibra_013

Well yes (maybe) .. if you can mount remote filesystems to the local machine then yes / maybe (with a lot of cautions as the doc you linked to speaks to) ... but I don't think that was what the OP was asking.

As @leandrojmp was describing ...

Filebeat (1 to Many Remote) -> Logstash -> Elasticsearch

is a pretty common architecture

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Hi Stephen,

it can be used but at your own risk, not recommended, understood.

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