Configure SSL for each Elastic node


I have 5 nodes and each node is having different ssl certificate, in such case how do configure ssl for each one of them

input {
	stdin {}
    beats {
        port => 5044

#filter {

output {
        hosts => [",,,,,"]
        user => "elastic"
        password => "changeme"
        index => "-%{[@metadata][beat]}-%{+YYYY.MM.dd}"
        ssl_certificate_verification => false
	stdout { codec => rubydebug }

Are the certificates signed by the same Certificate Authority ("CA")? If so, you can set the path to the CA cert per the usual documentation. If not, multiple pem can simply be concatenated together to form a "bundle" pem.

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yes @yaauie they are signed by same CA,

Curious can you please give an example if they are from different CA's

To create a pem that holds multiple certificates, you can simply concatenate the pem files that hold individual certificates together (this is not unique to Logstash -- it's part of the PEM format):

cat a.pem b.pem c.pem > combined-abc.pem

Ok i was thinking the concatenation happens in logstash config file, got you.


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