Configuring elastic-search to store certain aggregations and use pre-computed aggregations to respond to queries?


I have been looking around for a couple weeks for this and I can't figure out how I might do it. I am using Elasticsearch as a TSDB. When I am using Kibana and I want to look at a bunch of data over a period of a day, for example, it seems like Elasticsearch is aggregating it on the fly starting from all the per-second logs. The preferred behavior would be to have some pre-computed hourly or ten-minute aggregations of a certain kind, for example, and have Elasticsearch be smart enough to use those precomputed aggregations when responding to queries for a field. I still want the high-resolution data available for when I want to zoom in on a shorter time period.

Clearly, I could do something like this manually where I periodically run aggregation queries for $FIELD and store the result in something like $FIELD_hourly or $FIELD_daily. Is there a way to do this that doesn't require me to have separately-named fields of varying resolutions? The issue is that I would need to have separate visualizations in Kibana that query the correct field name based on the time period the visualization is designed for.

Thank you!

Yes, that is what it does.

Not at this point.

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