Configuring Kibana - Existing Elasticsearch Remote Server

Hi All,
So in my company, we always used elasticsearch head plugin, connecting to an existing elasticsearch server to do our operations.

Recently, we are explroing the usage of Kibana and I am trying to configure Kibana to point my company's remote server.

So the problem now is, I am unsure what I should put for the kibana.yml file to point to the remote server.

Many videos and 'tutorials' online teaches you how to set it up for localhost, to your own pc.

Can anyone share how I can set up the kibana.yml file to point it to an existing elasticsearch server?

Or if there is any easier way for me to use Kibana (elastic cloud or something) with an existing elasticsearch server, do let me know.


You want elasticsearch.hosts, as mentioned here - Point that to the IP/DNS entry for your Elasticsearch cluster.

Hi warkolm,

What if my cluster consists of 3 IP entries?

Like, my cluster is made up of 3 linux servers -> 3 different host names (e.g. elk1b,elk2b,elk3b) and 3 different ip addresses.

Can you provide an example please?

elasticsearch.hosts: ["elk1b:9200", "elk2b:9200", "elk3b:9200" ]

Hi warkolm, i tried your method but it did not work. ES was asking me to provide a http prefix so i did something like ->

What I did was that I had an cluster url whereby my 3 node servers are pointing to
elasticsearch.hosts: [""] and it did not throw an error.

So i managed to set it up to this point and everything seems fine but when i throw in https://localhost:5601/ onto the browser nothing turns up.

I guess thats normal because I am trying to connect to an existing ES server and not localhost so I probably need to do something to ""

So the next question now is -> in the kibana.yml file, what do I put for the "xx" property when I have 3 ips/hostname (this parameter accepts only string and not arrays).

Please don't post pictures of text, they are difficult to read, impossible to search and replicate (if it's code), and some people may not be even able to see them :slight_smile:

Noted on your advise, have removed the image.

Could I trouble you to advise if you have an answer for

Why do you have 3 hostnames or IPs for the one host?

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