Configuring Kibana Logging

I don't know why this is so hard, but I can't figure out the new way of configuring logging in Kibana. I am trying to output kibana logs to a file, below is what I have. It doesn't throw errors, but it also doesn't log anything to the specified filename. What am I missing?

      type: rolling-file
      fileName: "d:/ElasticStack/Logs/Kibana/kibana.log"
        type: size-limit
        size: 50mb
        type: numeric
        pattern: '-%i'
        max: 5
        type: json
    level: all

Hello @wwalker

Could you please try changing the slash like below

fileName: "D:\ElasticStack\Logs\Kibana\kibana.log"

Keep Posted!!! Thanks !!!

When I tried using single backslashes, I got the error

YAMLException: unknown escape sequence at line 60, column 21:
          fileName: "d:\ElasticStack\Logs\Kibana\kibana.log"

So then I escaped the backslashes and Kibana started up fine, but still no log file.

      fileName: "d:\\ElasticStack\\Logs\\Kibana\\kibana.log"

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