Configuring multilple Module logs

Hello Experts
I have multiple system files of various functionalities. Banking.log, transaction.Log, Network.log, Income.log ..
Please request you to help me clarify the following doubts

  1. How can I configure multiple files input to filebeat & logstash
  2. How can Kibana differentiate various modules and present in the dashboard, statistics of results of test cases of each module and module differentiation.

Any reference would be really appreciated.

Thanks in advance

For 1., it looks like you can do this starting in 6.0 with logstash via multiple pipelines configuration -

for 2. Just use different index names in your ingestion configuration. What I've done before is give similar logs a common prefix so I have the option to view all, or a subset. So I have the following indexes: network-packetbeat, network-firewall, network-tcpdump, and try to set them up with the same field names so I can view data across them.

Thank you Stacey.
So I have to change entire code and add the module and test case name in the every print file ? Please confirm, if that is what you meant. Thank you.

I have to change entire code and add the module and test case name in the every print file

I'm actually not sure what you mean by this. When I was started to track my data, I only had to add some configuration options to pipelines.yml, to point to a couple different files. In those files, I specified an index pattern. I didn't change any code - just configuration files. I'm not sure what you mean by print file or test case name.

You also may want to move this question to the logstash channel, if you are asking questions about the configuration options.

Thank you Stacey. I will try this and get back. ( Code change for log file print, I meant) you have answered it. Thank you

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