Configuring my 1st Elasticsearch, Error BindHttpException

Background: I'm running a CentOS 6.7 server.
The server 3 files (non installed as of yet) elasticsearch-2.2.0, Kibana-4.4.2 & Logstash-2.2.2.

I'm hitting a wall with this error: [failed to bind to [9200]], during the installation of elasticsearch (./elasticsearch). Have any of you encountered this before and if so how did you resolve this? I'm thinking its a deeper issue maybe related to my CentOS 6.7 but i cant be sure.

Please don't copy screenshots like this if it's only about logs...

Address already in use is pretty descriptive here, right?

So you already have an elasticsearch running I can guess? Or something else...

after changing the IP address the IP address i got
"name" : "Typhoid",
"cluster_name" : "elasticsearch",
some more stuff...
"tagline" : "you know, for search"

I imagine this means the elasticsearch IS installed however should't I be able to "HTTP://localhost:9200/?pretty" to view whats is running (as a check for functionality?)