Confluence connector: non-existant permissions

I'm trying to connect confluence to Workplace search but it seems that the permissions do not match the available permissions for the confluence API.

I added "similar" permissions but receive the following error:

add the following scopes to the *Confluence API* : search:confluence, read:confluence-props, read:confluence-space.summary, read:confluence-content.summary, read:confluence-content.all, read:confluence-user, readonly:content.attachment:confluence.

When I try to add search:confluence (for example) it is not in the list of available permissions.

Is this a bug?

It seems that the scopes are deprecated.

@Robin_Vanderschueren This is odd. In the Atlassian Dev Community post you linked, I didn't see anything specifically saying they were removing search:confluence. Did I miss something? I do see that it is still listed on their official documentation of Confluence OAuth2 scopes:


Search Confluence content and space summaries

Search Confluence. Note, APIs using this scope may also return data allowed by read:confluence-space.summary and read:confluence-content.summary. However, this scope is not a substitute for read:confluence-space.summary or read:confluence-content.summary.

if this is not showing up for you, I'd suggest that you first file a support request with Atlassian, as, from what I'm reading, it's still the expected and documented behavior to use search:confluence. However, we've definitely had a few instances this year with Atlassian making sudden changes underneath us, so if they respond by removing this from their documentation, we will make a corresponding bugfix.

Thanks for the quick response @Sean_Story I'm checking with them now.

I've looked into it and the deprecated scopes are not available anymore. Where can I request this to be updated with Elastic Workspace Search?

This of course makes implementing the confluence connection impossible for new clients.

:frowning_face: Yep. I'm sorry you're hitting this. I hope you express to Atlassian how impactful this is to your time and efforts.

I've gotten it filed, and our team will be taking a look as soon as we can. Unfortunately, unless Atlassian rolls back this breaking change, you will be blocked until we can release a fix. In the mean time, we have added this as a Known Issue, and we've also filed a support ticket with Atlassian.

Oh, and thank you for reporting this. I regret that you had to encounter this issue, but we do appreciate your report of the issue.