Confusion on Removal of Mapping Types and document_type in LS7.x

I've read over this a few times and it's still not fully clicking for me. I've got an Elastic cluster running on 6.6.0 currently and was looking at upgrading to 7.2. For my Logstash pipeline configs I use an elasticsearch output which uses the document_type property that is listed as deprecated to match the default doc type used in my ES index templates (_doc vs. doc which seems to be what Beats will send).

My point of confusion is in removing the document_type from Logstash, does this insinuate that the default doc type end-to-end is henceforth "doc" and a default doc type mapping of "_doc" in ES shouldn't be used anymore? The point of confusion/concern I recall reading before was that the default doc type ES would use wasn't considered the same as what something like Beats would use, which seemed to cause a number of people to rely on Logstash to assert the document_type to please ES (to avoid rejection or silent rejection with a strict binding on the template).

Am I getting my wires crossed on this or should I plan on adjusting my ES index templates to just use a "doc" mapping type and reindex prior to upgrading to Elastic stack 7? Thanks in advance for any info/clarifications I might've dumbly misunderstood or not seen prior.

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