Elasticsearch doc type deprecation: "doc" vs. "_doc"

I'm trying to prepare for the eventual deprecation of document types in Elasticsearch, and it's not easy to nail down all conflicts. One that I'm blinking at at the moment is [ 'doc', '_doc' ] ...

The Elasticsearch documentation about removal of types says that

The preferred type name is _doc, so that index APIs have the same path as they will have in 7.0: PUT {index}/_doc/{id} and POST {index}/_doc

On the other hand, the Logstash 6.3 Breaking Changes notes say

The default document_type has changed from logs to doc for consistency with Beats.

Sounds like the "consistency" should be driving in the other direction. Shouldn't both Logstash and Beats start to use _doc ? What is going to be best practice here?


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