Connect Apm-server to Elasticsearch via HTTPS

So I've been struggling to get this working. I installed Kibana with Elasticsearch via auto configuration on Linux. Kibana connects to Elasticsearch no problem via https.

However, I can't get apm-server to connect to elasticsearch via https. I have the following in apm-server.yml ...

output.elasticsearch:hosts: ["https://:9200"]

I also have username and password set.

My services show up in the apm-server logs. However, they don't show up in Kibana under APM/Services. apm-server shows an error saying ...

"precondition failed: x509: certificate signed by unknown authority"

How do I fix this? Based on reading Elastic docs, I need to point apm-server.yml to the Elastic certificate and cert authority. I don't know the exact steps for that.

Can someone help?

By the way, this is a dev server installation.

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