Connect AWS ES to Canvas

Hi All,

I am not an expert in the field, but i have been following tutorials and are able to work well with Kibana,

I am trying to visualize real time data from AWS ES service on Kibana (Canvas), there is already kibana app provided by AWS ES however it doesn't include Canvas

I have tried to link AWS ES to local (on-prem) Kibana v6.7

when i try the oss version it doesnt include canvas
when i try the default non-oss-version of kibana it includes canvas but doesn't connect to AWS ES because of x-pack issue...

any solution, i need to view AWS ES data on Canvas in realtime

appreciated & thanks in advance

Canvas is part of X-Pack (free basic license) and does not work with the OSS distribution of Elasticsearch, which is what AWS ES deploys. You can therefore not use Canvas with AWS ES. Elastic's Elasticsearch service is the only hosted solution that supports Canvas as far as I know. See this page for more details.

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