AWS to Kibana

hi. is there any other way to connect my aws ES to kibana 7.6.2?

What way are you trying now?

when i create ES on my aws it has already a link given for kibana HTTP.
however, i want to try to connect this kibana on my local.
that is why i download kibana 7.6.2 version and edit out kibana.yml file.
but i cant figure out how it will work.

Are you using the aws service or just Elasticsearch running on an aws instance?

right now im using aws service

but i want to try this one to connect on kibana 7.6.2. i know the version is not match but i want to know if there is other way? T_T

Ah ok, I don't know how to do this myself as aws have made changes to the default Elasticsearch so it may be different.

If you have set the URL for Kibana to connect to the cluster with, and set authentication and it doesn't work you may need to check with their support on this sorry :frowning:

yeah at some point elasticsearch doesnt allow aws service to have a Data Visualizer. which i used to upload data in csv file. this is the only way i know that can upload data in bulk.
except that you can upload bulk data in. json file but it has limited mb/size per upload. :frowning:

so i think am a bit far to discover a way to upload data in ES in easy way. T_T

Ahh ok, that won't work at all sorry, as that is not functionality that they offer.

You may want to look at as it offers that, as well as a whole bunch more :slight_smile:

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