Kibana on AWS EC2 instance to talk to Managed AWS ES

Hi ,

I have installed kibana on EC2 instance as we need custom plugins on kibana and trying to configure to connect to managed AWS ES . Can someone provide a guideline to do this . I tried few things but it seems to be not working


Check what ports you have open on the managed AWS ES instance and whether they are accessible from where you have set up your custom Kibana instance.

Ensure that in the kibana.yml file, you are pointing to it correct and that the plugins don't override that.

If none of that helps at all, definitely ask in AWS Discussion Forums as well.

AWS Managed ES doesnot provide any ports specification , just give the ES https url to connect to . I have allowed my EC2 instance ip to communicate with ES .

Some reason it cannot connect to AWS ES

I have figured out the solution

Which was?

I replaced localhost with
and added a specific port with AWS ES endpoint also added new kibana index replacing the default .kibana
That fixed it

Thanks .

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