Not able to connect to ElasticSearch Cluster in AWS from Kibana

Hi All,

I have setup a Elastic search cluster in AWS using the ec2 discovery plugin.
I have 2 Nodes, one as master and another as data node.
They are able to discover automatically and i see the 2 Nodes on the master

Im not able to connect my Kibana to the elasticsearch master.. Can someone help me.

I have made a curl connection from kibana to the elasticsearch server and its working fine

curl http://172-31-13-233:9200

Kibana.yml: Only enabled the below 3 values
server.port: 5601
elasticsearch.hosts: [""]

What additonal values i need to enable on Kibana.yml to have my kibana connect to elasticsearch

Error message:
ubuntu@ip-172-31-5-33:~/kibana-7.5.2-linux-x86_64/bin$ ./kibana
log [00:11:47.975] [info][plugins-system] Setting up [15] plugins: [security,licensing,code,timelion,features,spaces,translations,uiActions,newsfeed,inspector,embeddable,advancedUiActions,expressions,eui_utils,data]
log [00:11:47.983] [info][plugins][security] Setting up plugin
log [00:11:47.984] [warning][config][plugins][security] Generating a random key for To prevent sessions from being invalidated on restart, please set in kibana.yml
log [00:11:47.985] [warning][config][plugins][security] Session cookies will be transmitted over insecure connections. This is not recommended.
log [00:11:47.999] [info][licensing][plugins] Setting up plugin
log [00:11:48.002] [info][code][plugins] Setting up plugin
log [00:11:48.003] [info][plugins][timelion] Setting up plugin
log [00:11:48.004] [info][features][plugins] Setting up plugin
log [00:11:48.005] [info][plugins][spaces] Setting up plugin
log [00:11:48.009] [info][plugins][translations] Setting up plugin
log [00:11:48.010] [info][data][plugins] Setting up plugin
log [00:11:51.248] [info][licensing][plugins] Imported changed license information from Elasticsearch for the [data] cluster: type: basic | status: active
log [00:11:51.502] [warning][legacy-plugins] Skipping non-plugin directory at /home/ubuntu/kibana-7.5.2-linux-x86_64/src/legacy/core_plugins/visualizations
log [00:11:52.243] [info][plugins-system] Starting [8] plugins: [security,licensing,code,timelion,features,spaces,translations,data]
log [00:11:52.259] [info][migrations] Creating index .kibana_task_manager_1.
log [00:11:52.261] [info][migrations] Creating index .kibana_1.
log [00:11:52.266] [warning][migrations] Unable to connect to Elasticsearch. Error: [resource_already_exists_exception] index [.kibana_task_manager_1/LRtbT1CvQMid9yX6fsvVLw] already exists, with { index_uuid="LRtbT1CvQMid9yX6fsvVLw" & index=".kibana_task_manager_1" }

ElasticSearch Cluster Health:
ubuntu@ip-172-31-13-233:~$ curl -XGET |jq
"cluster_name": "es-demo",
"status": "red",
"timed_out": false,
"number_of_nodes": 2,
"number_of_data_nodes": 1,
"active_primary_shards": 0,

Hi @chilakala,

If this is a new environment, can you try deleting a few indices to see if it helps: .kibana_task_manager* and .kibana* where * means anything following that. You may have to delete some aliases as well if there's one for .kibana or .kibana_task_manager

Hope this helps,

Thanks for your reply mike.

Yes, this is a new environment.

I have tried deleting the kibana indices couple of times, and it did not solve the problem.

What should be IP in AWS for Kibana to discover the elastic search.

Do i need to do any additional setup for kibana when elasticsearch is using ec2 discovery plugin.

Can you provide, if possible, the logs for both Elasticsearch nodes? There may be something wrong on the Elasticsearch side. The fact that the Elasticsearch cluster health shows red with no primary shards is interesting.

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