Setting up Kibana behind AWS application load balancer

I am having trouble setting up multiple Kibana 7.3.2 instances behind an AWS ALB.

Actually, I don't even get that far as the installation of Kibana is not going well. I follow the simple guide ( to install Kibana on an EC2 instance running AWS linux 2.

I should be able to connect to this instance (http://public_ip:5601), but I get connection refuse... I've seen tutorials and videos connect with just setting this up. No reverse proxy (nginx or httpd) needed... I guess I side rant as the goal it to set up an application load balance with the Kibana instance behind it.

I was wondering if you share your blog, experience, step by step guide if you have the same setup?

Is Kibana configured to listen on the public interface?

Check the documentation at:

The default host and port settings configure Kibana to run on localhost:5601 . To change this behavior and allow remote users to connect, you’ll need to update your kibana.yml

Check your setting. By default it is localhost which only allows local users to connect. You'll need to change that setting to have Kibana bind to the public interface

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