Kibana and AWS Ec2

I am new in this... I am using a AWS Ec-2 and I have installed Elasticsearch and Kibana in it.
In the configuration of Kibana I have modified the parameter to use the ec2 ip in order to allow remote access to Kibana.
I would like to know how I have to exactly set Kibana settings (and other configuration if needed) in order to access to the ec2-ip:5601 port to manage Kibana portal from another computer.
Tank you!

Trying setting to Make sure you are trying to access it using the public IP/hostname of the EC2 machine.

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I am using MobaXterm to access to the EC2 machine. The public IP is the one I use to access to the machine using MobaXterm? if not... which is the public IP or where can I find it?
And... to access to Kibana once I have set to , Should I look for http://public_IP:5601 in the browser?
Thank you !

I used the server-host and I had to fix the hostname of the ec2 machine. The problem was in the host name.
I modified the file hosts doing sudo nano hosts and I set a custom hostname.
I could start kibana portal Public_IP:5601

Thank you !

Good to hear you figured it out.

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