Not able to access kibana UI hosted on aws

kibana is running on a server on AWS (ELK is also on the same server)
but i am not able to access it on UI.

It's public DNS :
private IP:

i am trying hitting URL

tried with also but nothing coming up.

please help me in finding out where i am going wrong?

IGW is there on this instance and both inbound and outbound rules are open for

thanks in advacnce

You might need to set the setting:

By default it's set to localhost.

If you want to expose your Kibana instance to the public, make sure to have a security solution and a save password in place.

i don't understand after a restart it started working on this.
thanks :slight_smile:

can you please help me in understanding the same thing in a cluster.

say i have a cluster of

what should be this parameter's value ?

In your cluster are you running multiple Kibana instances or multiple Elasticsearch instances? If it's just multiple Elasticsearch instances, this doesn't influence the setting.

It's always possible to set it to, then it will respond to any request that reaches the server.

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