Cannot connect Kibana to Amazon ES

Hello everyone,

I have an Elasticsearch running on Amazon ES. I can access to the endpoint from my computer (both by browser and curl). However, when I install Kibana and update the elasticsearch.url to the Amazon ES endpoint, my Kibana instances always says that "Status changed from yellow to red - Request Timeout after 3000ms".

Are there anyway help me to know what is the problem with the Kiaban instance? Does Kibana works with Amazon ES?

Thank you for all your help.

Hi Hieu,

We're not affiliated with the Amazon ES service, so you will have to reach out to their customer support for help. If you find that experience doesn't meet your expectations, take a look at our Elastic Cloud service. It also runs on AWS, but it will always support the latest version of our stack (we're on 5.4.1 and Amazon ES is on 5.3) and you'll get the benefit of our great support on the forums. There's more information on the page I linked to. Hope this helps!


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