Kibana Console status is RED

We have a new Elastic search setup implemented, and observed that Kibana console is showing as RED status, could anybody help me let me know whats wrong with that and how to get green.
Here is the screenshot might helpful for you.

Thanks in Advance.


Hi Shashi,

have you changed the elasticsearch.url setting kibana.yml to point to your Elasticsearch Cluster? Kibana tries to connect to http://localhost:9200 by default, which might not be correct for your setup.

Hi Weltenwort,
I am having the same exact issue with the only difference is that instead of getting "Unable to connect to Elastsearch at http://localhost:9200" I am getting "Request Timeout after 3000ms"
My kibana.yml file configs listed below:
server.port: 5601 ""
server.maxPayloadBytes: 1048576
elasticsearch.url: "" I have two client nodes associated with the LB
elasticsearch.preserveHost: true
kibana.index: ".kibana"

nevermind I figured it out. It was a networking issue.

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