Connect local Kibana instance to remote Elasticsearch instance behind a proxy

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Hi everyone!

As title says, i'm trying to connect a local Kibana instance to a remote ES instance. ES instance is working behind a proxy.
I set up elasticsearch.url in kibana.yml to url that permits to access remote ES, but Kibana log is:

[error][status][plugin:elasticsearch@6.2.2] Status changed from yellow to red - Request Timeout after 3000ms

If i connect my pc to our corporate network bypassing proxy and if i set ES ip and port in kibana.yml elasticsearch.url, it works fine!

Maybe do I have to change something in proxy?

Thanks for your reply!

EDIT: I forget to say that ES instance is accessible by Browser API Call or Advanced Rest Client API Call from remote pc.


Hi @Giuseppe_Merlo,

Hmm, can you try to increase values in elasticsearch.pingTimeout and elasticsearch.requestTimeout (kibana.yml) to something like 500000, just to make sure you're not hitting a real timeout because of proxy?


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Thank you for reply!

I've tried to set up these 2 parameters but Kibana log is the same:

[error][status][plugin:elasticsearch@6.2.2] Status changed from yellow to red - Request Timeout after 3000ms

it seems that Kibana doesn't see changes.


Hmm, that's weird. Okay a silly question, have you restarted Kibana and are you sure you don't have some old kibana.yml sitting somewhere at /etc/kibana/kibana.yml or something like that?

In the meantime, I'll go and check source code to see where this old 3000ms comes from, I see Kibana 6.2.2 is defaulting to 30000, not 3000.


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No, there's not another kibana.yml and i have restarted Kibana after configurations changing.

Thanks so much for your support!

EDIT: In my kibana/src/core_plugins/elasticsearch/index.js i have timeout set to 30000.


Hmm, it turned out to be a known bug . And there was even PR with workaround (you can try that locally if you want).

I'll check with relevant team once they wake up if there is anything we can do and let you know.


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I used that workaround and it changes Request Timeout but it doesn't fix my original issue.

log [10:14:36.996] [error][status][plugin:elasticsearch@6.2.2] Status changed from yellow to red - Unable to connect to Elasticsearch at 

is public IP to Elasticsearch behind Proxy

Thank you for everything.


I see, can you try specifically mention port in the elasticsearch.url:

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Adding port seems to fix the issue!

You've saved me!

Thank you so much!!!!

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