Connecting to remote es using local Kibana

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I have installed kibana 6.3 on my local machine and I have elastic search running in aws remote server I have configured end point in kibana.yml file( elastic search url) but when i run the kibana it was throwing authentication error.


Hey @murali_krishnam_raju,

Do you have security enabled in your ES instance? If yes, then you need to properly configure internal Kibana user with elasticsearch.username and elasticsearch.password properties in kibana.yml, see

If not, any verbose Kibana logs would help to figure out what is going on.


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hey @azasypkin

Thanks for the reply,I have followed the link you have mentioned in the reply, Now it was giving request time out after 3000 sec error. After some time the authorization error comes back even after following the link


It's hard to suggest anything without seeing logs, you can run Kibana with --verbose flag and attach logs here or just its parts that look relevant.

Also make sure that you can access Elasticearch directly using the URL from elasticsearch.url (e.g. open http://{es_host}:{es_port}/_cat in browser).

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"listen" has been called (localhost:5601).
log [12:12:44.822] [debug][config] Marking config path as handled: logging
log [12:12:44.827] [debug][config] Marking config path as handled: server
log [12:12:44.827] [debug][server] starting server :tada:
log [12:12:44.828] [debug][http] registering route handler for [/core]
log [12:12:44.862] [debug][legacy-platform-proxifier] Event is being forwarded: listening
log [12:12:44.863] [info][listening][server][http] Server running at http://localhost:5601
log [12:12:44.864] [server][uuid][uuid] Resuming persistent Kibana instance UUID: d431e699-7124-4dda-bb22-5846693fa769
log [12:12:46.102] [error][status][plugin:elasticsearch@6.4.2] Status changed from yellow to red - Authorization Exception

above is the log output with --verbose command and yes I am getting response on calling the url


@murali_krishnam_raju, what roles does the user you configured in elasticsearch.username have? This user should have kibana_system role (built-in kibana user should have this role already).

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