Connect oracle to elastic / kibana

I try to understand kibana / Elasticsearch to interface my oracle database in order to make dashboard with kibana ( BI)

I work with an "on premise" version

First question, is it possible to do that with kibana ?
Second, how ? I saw connector, intégration, maybe i need enterprise version ?

Thanks you for tour help

Bonjour Thomas et bienvenue :wink:

How the data is sent to Oracle? I guess you have an application which does that right?

If so, can you modify the application?

Thanks David :blush:

I have an ERP who uses the data base and scheduled tasks.

I can change the app, but what change ?

If you can modify the app, the easiest thing to do is to send your entities in both systems: the database and Elasticsearch .

So if i understand, I cant directly synchronise my db with elastic using something like a connector ?

I imagine that Elastic is not made to extract data from a database to make indicators with kibana.

In your website I saw this tutorial david.pilato.*r/blog/2015-05-09-advanced-search-for-your-legacy-application/ (replace * by f)
Maybe i need ton add an ETL ?

I don't see a direct connector for Oracle in our official connectors page. But there is something related: Elastic Oracle connector reference | Enterprise Search documentation [8.11] | Elastic

Maybe i need ton add an ETL ?

You can use Logstash. See this: Synchroniser Elasticsearch avec un SGBDR grâce à Logstash et JDBC | Elastic Blog

In your website I saw this tutorial: Advanced search for your Legacy application - David Pilato

In this article I'm showing what I recommended: modify the application so it's much easier IMO and real time.

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