Connect Log Stream to Elastic Cloud

Hi I would like to push my logs from so that they are viewable / tailable etc in Elastic Cloud. sends to a syslog drain (Log Streams | Render · Cloud Hosting for Developers) in a standard (RFC5424) way.

Any ideas on how to connect the two?

Hello @Mike_Cann,
you can use Filebeat to connect your logs to the Elastic Cloud.
Another option is logstash. They both support RFC5424 standard.
Let me know if that works in your case.

Thankyou Jenny, so I can just point it at a Logstash URL and expect it to work?

Probably not as Logstash/Filebeat won't know the format of the events, so you will need to use grok or similar to parse them.

There are useful facilities in the tools for parsing the syslog format:

Okay thanks. I guess I have some docs reading to do then :wink:

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