Connect to Okta module of Filebeat via proxy

As I want to fetch logs from Okta, I am using filebeat 7.11 to do it. In the modules.d directory of filebeat, I can see configurations for Okta available.

I have entered the URL & credentials mentioned there. But now the problem is the URL is accessible via a proxy from my environment.
Where do I configure the proxy setting like
Proxy URL, Proxy Port, Proxy username, Proxy password, etc

Now had I used logstash http_poller input to connect to Okta API, below would have been my configuration,

    urls => {
                        test2 => {
                                method => get
                                url => "https://okta/api/v1/logs"
                                headers => {
                                        Accept => "application/json"
                                        Authorization => "KEY*****************"
                proxy => { host => "" port => 4444 scheme => "http"}
                request_timeout => 60
                schedule => { cron => "0 * * * *"}
                codec => "json"

But I dont see any such options while configuring Okta in filebeat.

Any input how to achieve this would be really helpful.


Hi @Aditya_Srivastava1,

I looked through the okta Filebeat module code, including the underlying httpjson Filebeat input code, and I don't see any support for specifying a proxy.

If you have a GitHub account, would you mind filing an enhancement request for this feature?



Hi @shaunak ,

Thanks for the update. As requested I have requested for this feature Connect to Okta module of Filebeat via proxy · Issue #24615 · elastic/beats · GitHub

Also, would like to ask and not sure, but filebeat has other modules which are cloud based log integration (with URL & credentials).
Is the above issue reflected in all those modules or just this one.
I checked for cisco module which has Umbrella configuration and that too does not have options to add proxy details.

Is there probably some way to configure proxy as a common parameter for all rqst going to cloud APIs.
If not, then I would not be able to use filebeat for any such module. Right?

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