Connect Workplace Search with SNowflake

Can you use a custom connector in workplace search to connect to snowflake to get data? why isn't there an out of the box connector for snowflake? are there any examples of how to get data when using a custom connector?

Hey @ymoriarty,

You can absolutely use a custom source to ingest data from Snowflake and make it available in Enterprise Search. However, you'll have to write some logic that pulls data from Snowflake and pushes it into the custom source.

Unfortunately, a Snowflake connector is not currently one of the out of the box connectors provided with Enterprise Search. We have plans to make developing new connectors even easier, not to mention some additional out of the box connectors coming this year.

I hope that helps!

@ymoriarty I'm a product manager on the Enterprise Search solution team. I'm interested to learn more about your use case. Would you be interested in chatting with me a bit on what you're trying to accomplish with snowflake?

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