How to Connect sharepoint on premise to elastic workplace search

I have created a custom api on workplace search. I understood posting csv files to workplacesearch using key and token. But I am trying to understand how to connect sharepoint which is on premise in our company to elastic ? Need some help in understanding how to proceed?

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Right now, we only support SharePoint Online. If you need your data from an on premise version of SharePoint into your Workplace Search instance, you will want to use the same Custom API that you are already familiar with.

Hi Mads,

Is there any plan to release a connector for SharePoint on premise? If so, when might it be released?

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Hi Mark

I can't say, but we are currently working on making it easier for developers to create their own connectors. It will unfortunately still require you to develop your own connectors for your on-premise SharePoint solution.

Hi Mads, thanks for your reply and for the update.