Connecting app-search to postman via the REST API

hello everyone!
I'm trying to connect app-search to postman: while using the Dev Tools in kibana i tried with POST and got the following error:

GET 'http://localhost:3002/api/as/v1/engines/iot/search.json' \ -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \ -H 'Authorization: Bearer [API_KEY]' \
-d '{
"page": {
"current": 2,
"size": 15

"error" : "no handler found for uri [/'http%3A//localhost%3A5601/api/as/v1/engines/iot/search.json'?pretty=true] and method [GET]"

and if i access this "http://localhost:3002/api/as/v1/engines/iot/search.json" on my browser i get the following error:
"Missing required parameter: query"

Please if you have any recommendations??

Hi @Ines_ZAYANI ,

You can't use Kibana Dev Tools to query the App Search API. But you can use either curl, or Postman. Postman does have a great UI that makes things easier.

With curl, you would issue the command in your terminal console as follows:

curl -XGET "http://localhost:3002/api/as/v1/iot/search" \
-H 'Authorization: Bearer [API_KEY]' \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
-d '{"query": "blah", "page": {"current": 1, "size": 10}}'

You must specify the query. This is not optional. This is why you get the error message when you open that URL in the browser.

See the documentation page here:

You can' however, specify an empty string, if you want all documents back.

With Postman, you would fill in authorization, provide the URL and query body:


By the way, there's no need to attach json suffix to search endpoint.

I hope this helps.

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Which one of the api keys put on postman for doing the Authorization

Thanks @Irina_Truong that was actually very helpfull i tried with postman and everything worked out very well.

You can use search key, private key, basic auth (username / password), any of those methods will work with the search endpoint.

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