Connecting dashboard and devtools

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I want to connect the dashboard of kibana and devtools, specifically fetching the info from controls in the dashboard, and to use the selected value in the controls in the devtools is there any way to do this.


(Peter Pisljar) #2

unfortunately that is not possible out of the box at the moment.


Hi peter,
is there any alternative for the above problem.

Thanks in advance!

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open inspector for a specific panel (click on the ... menu in the panel, select inspect)
in the inspector select view: requests from the top dropdown and then select request tab ...

now you can copy paste this request and use it in dev tools


Hi peter,
I need to select only a line in a log file as specified below
[2018-11-08T10:19:45,123][INFO ][o.e.x.w.a.l.ExecutableLoggingAction] [aT8NySK] Watch [overtemperature] has exceeded the threshold

if i use grok filter for this, what should the be script on grok filter to identify that line?

Thanks in advance.

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