Show documents for current dashboard


Assume the following workflow:

  1. You drill down your data on your dashboard (e.g. by clicking slices in a pie-chart diagram, or using additional lucene filters) until only a few hits (documents) are left
  2. Now you want to actually inspect the corresponding documents (including ALL their fields, not just "count" or those fields a specific visualization contains). Currently the only thing you can do to achieve this is to manually pin all the filters in the dashboard, so that they survive the switch to the Discover tool. The usability is quite horrible.

What I would expect Kibana to have is either a panel that shows me the documents for a visualization. That is, similar to the "Inspect" panel, but showing, well, every single document (in the same way the Discover tool does). Or, the alternative, a button I can press (as part of a visualization) that takes me to the discovery tool, but carries over all the temporary/unpinned filters that Kibana created for me when drilling down the data. I'm still not sure if I have just overlooked this feature. It seems blatantly(!) obvious that people who actually want to inspect the data would need this functionality. :slight_smile:

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There is an open issue for this which is being discussed here:

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