Linking Dashboard and Discover tab to view documents based on filter

Hi Team,

I am looking for any feature availability in Kibana which would enable me to link my dashboard to the discover tab to view the documents.
So the idea is I have a dashboard created based on field aggregation I would like to drill down on the dashboard based on the selection and subsequently would like to view the documents based on the filter.
Either this or if a toggle or switch which could enable me to navigate between the dashboard and discover tab without loosing the filter.
I am looking for any solution or pointer in this aspect. I do looked into previous issues raised but none had a definitive answer. Any help in this regard will be surely helpful.

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If you are using Lens panels this is a standard feature:

Clicking this will open Discover with all the filters defined within the visualization and on your dashboard (showing you all the documents that went into the current state of the visualization)

I don't see this option in my Dashboard .. or any lens visualization. I am using Kibana version 7.17.
The options I have are

It was added in 8.2:

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