How to Integrate Visualisation in Discover

How can I visualize the Data I seeing in the Discover part?

I found this but that is not exactly the thing I want

Is there any way to integrate a Visualisation to Discover?
Or from the solution above from an other topic is it possible to update the saved Search every minute?

¿I think what you want is for the visualization to update itself, without you refreshing the page?
Anyway you can make a saved search, index, visualization or dashboard update itself with the new information activating the auto-refresh option.

This option appears when you click on the time Range on the upper right side of the kibana window.

I hope that this answer your question

Yeah it helps. Thank you.

But is there a way to integrate the Dashboard visualisation like a Table visualisation in the Discover part? If theres no way with the GUI I would be able to do a solution with code, but I have no idea if this is possible and which files and code snippets I need.

I don't Know anyway to integrate a dashboard or visualization on the Discover window, but you can integrate your saved search on the dashboard. Why do you want to have a dashboard on the discover?
To apply some kind of filters or just to see all the data you receive?

I want to apply some kind of filters in an easy and fast way. And I can see a sort list of services which are active when I see it in the table Layout.

If the filters are simple, you can do it by putting in your dashboard a saved search of your index without any filter and then you will have the table of data received. In the table you can apply some filters with the fields of the data.
You can filter by the value of the field, filter out the value or if the field exist.

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