How to Visualize Discover data in dashboard

How can I visualize the display i am seeing in Discover panel in Visualize / Dashboard ... Till Kibana 3.x I use to use "table" panel in Rows ... but it seems like in Kibana 4* the old table way of looking data is moved into discover but there is no possible way (at least I could not find) by which the Discover panel can be visualized in Dashboard

The reason for asking for only Dashboard way of seeing the data is that we would like to give users only ready dashboards as embedded iframes in which (possibly) they can not make changes (no save searches, visualize etc.) to the Kibana server.

You can add both visualisations and saved searched to a dashboard, and the latter will result in a discovery style table view of your data.


Can you please tell which Visualization Type to use to display the Tabular "data" of elements ... currently when i use the "Data Table" option in visualization I can only see the counts etc. which are numeric ... but i can have a behavior like expand a row and see all the contents of that document

It is not a visualisation type. You need to save a search in the Discover mode and you will then be able to import this into a dashboard.

When you add a visualisation to a dashboard, there are two tabs: one for a list of visualisations and one that shows available saved searches.