Connecting Elasticsearch to Kibana

I am trying to display the iris data in kibana by connecting to elasticsearch and creating an index called "iris" in R. I am taking the following steps:

Execute elasticsearch 5.5.3 batch file (localhost:9200 displays results on web)

Run the following code in R (connects and displays the iris search result successfully)


    es<- elastic("http://localhost:9200", "iris", "data")

    es %index% iris

    for_everything <- query('{ "match_all": {} }')

    es %search% for_everything

Run Kibana 5.5.3 batch file (checked yml file which says #elasticsearch.url: "http://localhost:9200")

However, Kibana can't search the index "iris" as shown below:

I tried running the logstash 5.5.3 batchfile before step 3, but it generated an error message on command prompt and closed. Another weird thing is that I don't see any index created on localhost:9200 on web, while searching for index in R shows results. Plus, below is the message I get when I start in step 1.


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FYI 5.5 is very old and has reached EOL. We would strongly suggest that the first thing that you do is upgrade your Elastic Stack and try again.

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