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Hello All,

Yesterday took all day for me to set up ELK, it seems to be working because within my VM I can open the browser and go to Kibana web interface. Besides that, I don't know how else to check to see if it is actually working.
I also downloaded and am using nginx. I shifted my focus to trying to connect to Kibana Web Interface/Logstash and Elasticsearch from my host. The VM I am connecting to is a vmware remote console, so it isn't installed locally.

I already tried changing the nginx file, I tried changing to and many other.

Any clues?

(Pjanzen) #2

So you have installed elasticsearch, logstash and kibana.

Now you need to send data to elasticsearch and you can use logstash to do that.

I would suggest to go over there results and see if those point you in the direction you want to go..

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yes, I am not yet sure on Logstash but the files are there.
What I want to do now is to be able to connect to ELK using my host machine instead of the VMware Console

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ELK is the combo Elasticsearch, Logstash and kibana, You want to connect to kibana. Usually you have something like this.

log sources -> logstash -> elasticsearch <- kibana

Try this: http://<vmware_ip>:5601/ and see if you get a GUI

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This morning I could connect to kibana web interface just fine within the VM, now it gave me admin credentials error - so I decided to start fresh. I tried that line and it didn't work

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Also, when using NGINX what address do I put for VPS? I don't have one, is there another way to connect to a host without creating a VPS certificate?

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I got a prompted to enter my credentials, I did and it gave me a 403 cert error. Any clues?

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