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Hello All,

Yesterday took all day for me to set up ELK, it seems to be working because within my VM I can open the browser and go to Kibana web interface. Besides that, I don't know how else to check to see if it is actually working.
I also downloaded and am using nginx. I shifted my focus to trying to connect to Kibana Web Interface/Logstash and Elasticsearch from my host. The VM I am connecting to is a vmware remote console, so it isn't installed locally.

I already tried changing the nginx file, I tried changing to and many other.

Any clues?

So you have installed elasticsearch, logstash and kibana.

Now you need to send data to elasticsearch and you can use logstash to do that.

I would suggest to go over there results and see if those point you in the direction you want to go..

yes, I am not yet sure on Logstash but the files are there.
What I want to do now is to be able to connect to ELK using my host machine instead of the VMware Console

ELK is the combo Elasticsearch, Logstash and kibana, You want to connect to kibana. Usually you have something like this.

log sources -> logstash -> elasticsearch <- kibana

Try this: http://<vmware_ip>:5601/ and see if you get a GUI

This morning I could connect to kibana web interface just fine within the VM, now it gave me admin credentials error - so I decided to start fresh. I tried that line and it didn't work

Also, when using NGINX what address do I put for VPS? I don't have one, is there another way to connect to a host without creating a VPS certificate?

I got a prompted to enter my credentials, I did and it gave me a 403 cert error. Any clues?

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