Connection among my ECS infrastructure and my Elastic Cloud

Hi there!

I setup my infrastructure on top of ECS, but I placed the Elasticsearch cloud in the Elastic Cloud service. I'm having connection between both, so that's great, but I'm having a huge ping from one to the other (around 40ms) which is insane.

Is there a way so I can go from one VPC to the other without reaching internet? I mean, internally. I tried the private link, but I'm not sure if it's exactly that (I didn't success).


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This feels more like an AWS question than Elastic specific, so there might be better places to get an answer.

In general, I'm surprised by that high ping. But for extra security, VPC peering is the better approach anyway, so I'd give that a try. discussing a relatively similar setup (EKS instead of ECS, but the VPC setup should be similar) reports latency of 1ms or so with VPC peering.

Just to be sure: This is in the same region, right?

In fact, it's probably about the way I'm reaching elasticsearch from my EC2.
I opened a case to see if there is a way to reach the VPC with a private ELB endpoint, so I can avoid the public one.