Does Elastic could run on their own infrastructure or on other cloud service providers like AWS, GCP or Azure?


I want to understand more about the elastic cloud and how does it works. Is it runs on their on infrastructure or on other cloud service providers? And if it's possible to run on AWS, can I integrate it with my existing AWS account and VPCs.

As per the information available, I'm not clear whether they offer both options or not. So appreciate your help on this to clarify.


Thanks for starting this thread, @Manjula_Piyumal.

Please note that this discussion forum is for Elastic Cloud Enterprise, which is a different product than Elastic Cloud. To answer your question the Elasticsearch Service, running on Elastic Cloud, allows you to deploy your hosted clusters on AWS, GCP, or Azure.

You can sign up to the service through AWS (or GCP) marketplace using your AWS account, but we can not run the deployment inside your VPC. We do support Private Link, as part of our Private subscription tier, that allows you to securely connect from your VPCs and the service will be exposed via a private IP, similar to other AWS services like Kinesis, CloudWatch, etc.

You are welcome to start a free 14 day trial and take it for a spin, or contact if you have further questions.

Thanks @zanbel for your reply. I'll give it a try

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