Connection Reset by peer during plugin install

I am currently trying to install a protobuf plugin from the GEM file that i got off of and each time i run the logstash-plugin install --local command i get the following output:

[logadm@stash01aplqa bin]$ sudo -u logstash ./logstash-plugin install --no-verify --local /app/etc/logstash/logstash-codec-protobuf-1.0.0.gem
[sudo] password for logadm:
ERROR: Something went wrong when installing /app/etc/logstash/logstash-codec-protobuf-1.0.0.gem, message: Connection reset by peer

Further, even if i open the firewall from my server to and try the standard: ./logstash-plugin install logstash-codec-protobuf, i get the EXACT same error.

What else is the plugin installer trying to reach out to?

I am running version 5.1.2 of logstash.

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