Protobuf plugin installation on Logstash


We have logstash 5.2 installed on a server which doesn't have internet access. We want to install the logstash-codec-protobuf plugin. We don't even have a staging server with internet access. So using 'Offline Plugin Management' is also not an option.

Is there any other way by which I can install logstash-codec-protobuf on a complete offline machine?

I tried to install rubygems and ruby-protocol-buffers, but still there is version compatibility error during logstash-codec-protobuf installation. Does anyone have some Idea about what is wrong here?

Step 19/23 : RUN gem install /tmp/ruby-protocol-buffers-1.6.1.gem
build 29-May-2017 11:09:09 ---> Running in f381c417270a
build 29-May-2017 11:09:11 Successfully installed ruby-protocol-buffers-1.6.1
build 29-May-2017 11:09:11 Parsing documentation for ruby-protocol-buffers-1.6.1
build 29-May-2017 11:09:11 Installing ri documentation for ruby-protocol-buffers-1.6.1
build 29-May-2017 11:09:11 1 gem installed
build 29-May-2017 11:09:13 ---> bee79080e35c
build 29-May-2017 11:09:16 Removing intermediate container f381c417270a
build 29-May-2017 11:09:16 Step 20/23 : RUN /usr/share/logstash/bin/logstash-plugin install --no-verify --local /tmp/logstash-codec-protobuf-1.0.0.gem
build 29-May-2017 11:09:16 ---> Running in 9b75422f9baf
build 29-May-2017 11:09:28 Installing logstash-codec-protobuf
build 29-May-2017 11:09:35 e[91mPlugin version conflict, aborting
build 29-May-2017 11:09:35 e[0me[91mERROR: Installation Aborted, message: Bundler could not find compatible versions for gem "ruby-protocol-buffers":
build 29-May-2017 11:09:35 In Gemfile:
build 29-May-2017 11:09:35 logstash-codec-protobuf (= 1.0.0) java depends on
build 29-May-2017 11:09:35 ruby-protocol-buffers (>= 0) java
build 29-May-2017 11:09:35 Could not find gem 'ruby-protocol-buffers (>= 0) java', which is required by gem 'logstash-codec-protobuf (= 1.0.0) java', in any of the sources.
build 29-May-2017 11:09:39 e[0mRemoving intermediate container 9b75422f9baf


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