Consumption calculation

I am running a test environment with following:
ES & Kibana:5.2.2

  • I imported 2 .csv files from different paths using logstash input

  • I have created one index "meters" for both csv files.

  • These contain metering statistics

  • I have a field named "path"- which gives me the name of csv file such as:

  • path: "drive:/some/path/data_as_on_2017-03-15"

  • path: "drive:/some/path/data_as_on_2017-03-16"

  • Another field named "meter_read"(number) provides me the reading of meters for all metering station for specific dates.

  • Now i need to plot a line or bar chart for the meter_read difference calculated from different .csv which will be like consumption on 2017-03-15

  • consumption on 2017-03-16

  • And the difference between the meter_read value for these 2 dates.

I'd try with Timelion to plot the 2 lines, shift one line with a 1 day offset then ask Timelion to do a difference.

How does it work in case i have static data with no time stamp

You can't then. But I thought you were mentioning time based data as you wanted to compare by 2 dates.

Ok, then is there anyway i can add a new field which stores the difference such as
meter_read_csv1 - meter_read_csv2
which may be plotted on the graph showing the consumption.

Within the same document?

Yes you can compute that on client side or use a script on elasticsearch side (update API or ingest API).

Thanks David,
I am new to ES and scripted fields, so are there any pointers or example I
may refer with the same query.

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