Container logs not ingesting properly to elastic fleet agents

As we rolled out our elastic agents in new clusters through fleets, all logs are coming to Metrics-* and Logs-* from Kubernetes containers. As per documentation all the logs should come to Logs-* and Metrics-*.
We have each fleet agent policy per environment .our kubernetes agent policies were split into:
aks-app-infra-stg (fleet namespace -stg)
aks-app-infra-master-int (fleet namespace - int)
inside aks-app-infra-master-int (fleet namespace - int) inside kubernetes int if we edit collect Kubernetes container logs and go to advanced options the ingestion path was showing as logs-kubernetes.container_logs-1.17.2. This means all the data is coming to logs
But when we go to discover tab It is sending data to Metrics.
Our main concern here is we are not seeing the actual logs coming. We need to know why its showing for metrics and not for logs when we see in discover
and also need to know where the actual logs we are getting.

(running with v8.5.2)
Krishna Priya.

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