Context sensitive search - can I modify search results based on where my user is?

I am interested in modifying my search results based on the user's context, specifically using their location.

If my user is in the US, is there a way I can prioritize "US" results from my website in the search result?

Similarly my user has already applied a category filter using the faceted search on the page.
Can I take this into account when returning my results, and only show results from this category?

The first would imply knowledge of the user's location, or IP address, while the second would imply some knowledge of a filter they had already applied.

Thanks for any ideas.

Hey @Peter_Graves,

First, can you confirm you're using Swiftype? I want to make sure I'm answering within the correct context.

On boosting by geo segment, it's not super straight forward, but the best approach is to introduce distinct fields for each geo you want to segment by, and then use weights on those fields as transparent search terms.

As to this "category" facet. I would expect it to already work as desired. Can you describe more about what isn't working?


Hi Ross,

Yes, thank you, we're using Swiftype in a Wordpress site.

The boosting Geo segments sounds interesting, I'm going to have to get a better understanding of that. I had though that the geo segments worked only in filtering. I'll have to dig further there but thanks for the lead.

The "Category" facet sounds interesting, from what you say there should be a relationship between the search results, and a filter already applied using the faceted search. I'll have to dig further here, but wondered if you're able to point out a Swiftype example site that demonstrates this behaviour?

Thanks for your help.

Hey @Peter_Graves,

Got it, I assume you're using the Wordpress Site Search plugin? Here's an example I found of it in action: Search Results - Variety (from WordPress Search by Swiftype).


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